How Issuing Itemised Payslips Helps HR Professionals & Business Owners

In this read, we highlight the importance of itemized payslips & reminding employees of key employment conditions within 14 days of hire.

The implication? Administrative Costs, amongst others. 

SMEs & businesses were able to delay the introduction of this new provision by conveniently citing the same excuses on “Cutting Costs”.

But MOM mandates that issuing itemized payslips & KETs would provide employees with the required protection, certainty about daily wage components & key job terms and benefits.

And you know how tedious payroll processing & management is. And this is where we come in.

As you know, companies must comply with government regulatory requirements on payroll & HR, & for companies who have not done so …  

With proven 15 years track record till current, our Cloud Payroll & HRMS Helps Your Company Comply With Mandatory Issuance of Itemised Payslips & KETs.

Our very own AGHRMS offers companies the flexibility & capability for customized Salary & incentive arrangements, & streamline HR processes.

At AGHRMS, we can help in 2 ways:

Managed Payroll Services

Outsourcing your company’s payroll management to us means that payroll preparation is done quickly, accurately & efficiently so you can pay your staff the right amount – & on time. 

Managed Payroll Services also ensures each employee’s payroll is automatically in-sync with updates to government laws, statutory requirements & banking regulations.

Our Payroll software module integrates fully with AG Leaves, Claims, Timesheet & Employee Attendance, taking away tedious computation, so you can focus on growing your business.

Talent Management Services On The HR Cloud 

AGHRMS Personnel & Talent Management Services enables your HR to keep accurate records of your employees information i.e. personal particulars, bank details, family details, career & salary progression, & yes, KETs.

This also enables employees to access & view electronic copies of itemised payslips anytime, anywhere. 

Even before the issuance of itemised payslips & KETs became mandatory, AGHRMS already offers these capabilities as part of its comprehensive Outsourced HR Shared Services in Singapore.

Moving Forward

If you’re using our HRMS software, then achieving full 100% regulatory compliance is automatic & straightforward, & bears no impact on your administrative costs.

If you’re not using our HRMS software yet, you don’t know how useful it can be for your company. 

What’s more, our services are trusted by leading popular brands you know of, & our HR software is pre-approved for Government funding. Don’t miss out.

Looking for a HR software? Schedule a Free, Quick Non-Obligatory Demo with us, & you’ll have all the answers you need.

Or make HR more do-able by outsourcing your payroll or other HR functions to us. Reach us at (65) 68448712 or email to to find out more about our Outsourced HR Shared Services today!

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