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Appraise Performance With Easy e-Appraisal That Develops Your Employees. Ensure Whatever Gets Measured, Gets Managed.

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Singapore Cloud e-Appraisal Software: As HR Professionals & Business Owners, you want to ensure that Staff Performance is consistent & at maximum capacity.

Conduct accurate Performance Appraisals & keep progress & performance in check. Evaluate efforts, set new KPIs etc & reward employees. Build a thriving, supportive culture that drives maximum performance!

Our Cloud e-Appraisal Software is auto-synced to Payroll etc, giving you that flexibility to view progress, appraise & grade performance etc - on a single platform. Paperless, Secure & Convenient.

User-Friendly Platform

100% Safe Storage, Enhanced Security

Confidential Staff Performance Data

Restrict Access To Performance Data

Easy & Effective Staff Performance . Give Your Employees The Recognition They Deserve.

Whether it's a Performance Review for new hires, staff confirmation or interview for promotion, our easy e-appraisal allows you the convenience of managing all aspects of staff performance in a single module linked to Payroll, Leave & other HR Software modules.

Record, Edit Staff Performance

Promote High-Performers

Recommend Bonus & Incentives

Re-negotiate Salary & Benefits

Detail Performance & Record Recommendations Easily & Efficiently

Appraisal - Record Edit Approve

Record, Edit, Approve

Appraisal - Create Different Views

Set Access Rights

Appraisal - Instant Notifications

Instant Next-Approval Alerts

Appraisal - eRequests

Customizable Templates

Appraisal - Auto Real Tme Sync

Auto-Sync To Payroll Etc.

Appraisal - 2 Layers of Approval

Up To 3 Approval Layers

More Benefits Of AGHRMS Cloud Appraisal Software

Improves HR Value Chain Efficiency

Recognise Staff Efforts & Performance

Keep Progress & Performance In Check

Understand Staff Motivations

Facilitates Staff Development & Training

Boost Workplace Bonding & Engagement

Ensures Fair System of Incentive

Improves Teamwork & Relationships

Sets Standards For Higher Performance

Appraise Performance Accurately Today. With Easy Appraisal Software.

Show your employees that their performance matters, with e-Appraisal that accurately reflects performance standards, facilitate behavioural change & growth.

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