Managed Payroll Service In Singapore Save Thousands In HR Costs Each Year

Singapore HR Managed Payroll Services For Your Company. Outsource Payroll So That You Can Focus On What Is Urgent.


Payroll: Imagine having to exhaust long hours & days on tons of information: CPF, claims, hourly pay, tax-filing etc & ensuring 100% statutory compliance - on top of your busy schedule!

At AGHRMS, we are more than a Cloud HR & Payroll Software company. Our other core specialization lies in Managed Payroll Services for companies & organizations like yours.

Our Specialised Payroll Team helps you manage payroll, tax-filing & related matters, while you focus on other urgent tasks.

By outsourcing payroll to us, you can be sure that a critical HR aspect is operating smoothly & fulfills 100% compliance [IRAS, CPF, MOM].

Achieve Smooth, Accurate Payroll With Full 100% Statutory Compliance, Without You Having To Lift A Finger.

Who Benefits Most From Our Outsourced Payroll Services?

Managed Payroll Singapore - SME

Small to Medium Enterprises [SMEs]

Managed Payroll Singapore - MNC

Multinational Corporations [MNCs]

Managed Payroll Singapore - NPO

Non-Profit Organizations [NPOs]

Managed Payroll Singapore - Lean Businesses

Lean Businesses Without Payroll / HR Staff

Fully-Managed Payroll & Statutory Tax Submission For Your Valuable Peace Of Mind.

Outsourcing Payroll is Definitely Cheaper, Faster & More Efficient: Offload heavy, non-revenue generating HR Tasks like payroll etc to us, so that you can focus on what's important.

Save thousands in monthly HR costs. Now Imagine how much that adds up to in a year.

Expect More Benefits When You Outsource Payroll To Us.

Managed Payroll Singapore - Full Compliance

Full 100% Compliance:
IRAS / CPF / MOM Regulations

Managed Payroll Singapore - Accurate Calculations

Accurate Calculations & Filing
Of Company Taxes & Contributions

Managed Payroll Singapore - Salary Disbursement

On-Time Direct Salary Disbursement
Into Staff Bank Accounts

Managed Payroll Singapore - Info Security Confidentiality

Additional Staff Salary Data Security & Confidentiality

Managed Payroll Singapore - Save Costs

Save Min. 50% On HR Costs & Time by Leaving Payroll To The Pros

Managed Payroll Singapore - Cloud Backup

Monthly Automated File Data Backups & Disaster Recovery

Managed Payroll Singapore - Management Reporting

Easy Management Reporting for Costs Tracking & Decision-Making

Managed Payroll Singapore - Deployment Setup Hassle-Free

Hassle-Free Setup & Integration, Deployment & Maintenance

Managed Payroll Singapore - Peace of Mind

Stress-Free & More Peace of Mind From Trusted, Efficient Managed Payroll

Engage Singapore’s Leading Managed Payroll Services For Salary Disbursement & Direct, Error-Free Tax Filing Etc.

Save Hundreds of Hours & Thousands Each Year In HR Costs When You Outsource Payroll To Us.

Our Outsourced Payroll Services have helped many companies with payroll, tax-filing & for 100% compliance.

We use the exact same Cloud Payroll & HR Software we're using, for clients. Best for those with multiple outlets & employee tiers e.g. Full-time, Part-timers, freelance, temp etc.

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