Choose Our Cloud Payroll & HRMS Here Are 9 Good Reasons Why

Proven Cloud HRMS & Payroll Software In Singapore Top 9 Reasons To Choose Us


As HR Employees & Business Owners, you want to focus on making HR simple, efficient & more do-able, so that the company can focus on what matters most - business growth & even expansion - during uncertain times.

Companies & organizations in Singapore have found compelling reasons to choose AGHRMS as their preferred HR Software for their Singapore HR admin operations, & stay with us to date.

These reasons go beyond affordability & qualifying for government funding support.

16 Years In Cloud HR Software [& Counting]

Over 50,000 Active Users In 12 Countries, 5 Pay Engines & 7 Languages

Built For Full 100% Statutory Compliance

Hosted In-House On Fully Secure Servers

Top Data Security & Protection Assured

Intelligently Customizable For All Company Sizes

Guaranteed 99% Uptime By Expert Developer Maintenance

Trusted By Popular Brands Familiar To You

Continuous Improvement & Enhancement

Ready For Easier HR & Payroll & Tax Filing? Contact Us Today.

If your payroll has been repetitively tedious, cumbersome & prone to errors - or manually (Googlesheets & Excel), you will absolutely want to find out more about how our Complete Cloud Payroll Software can simplify, automate payroll & facilitate direct tax-filing for accuracy once & for all. Need more information? Let’s talk.

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