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AGHRMS: Cloud Payroll & HR Software Company In Singapore

SINCE 2006: AGHRMS by AG Net Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based end-to-end Cloud Payroll & HR Software company for SMEs, MNCs, & NPOs. The company also offers Outsourced Payroll services for various sectors e.g. retail, F&B, Education, construction, healthcare etc. AGHRMS has offices in Malaysia & Thailand as well.

AGHRMS prides itself on stable, secure & affordable HR Cloud Software Services for up to 80% HR efficiency improvement. Today, over 50,000 active users in over 900+ companies in 15 countries use AGHRMS to simplify, streamline & improve HR efficiency, a clear testimony to the practicality, security & desirability of our HR Software.

Amidst tough competition today, AGHRMS stands out as a leading Cloud HR Software company in Singapore, with key achievements such as end-to-end HR automation for popular brands familiar to us e.g. KFC, Macdonalds, 4Fingers as well as 36 nursing homes & industrial leaders in Engineering, Marine Offshore, Manufacturing etc.

Our Background Story Rise of AGHRMS

With evolving technologies, customer expectations & new ways of work, HR today is a constantly changing field which necessitates ongoing improvements in HR Software in Singapore & other parts of the world.

While payroll, attendance, appraisal, claims & leave etc remain the standard in HR Software, the world saw an emergence & proliferation of the use of mobile devices in remote work, ERP systems & Cloud HR computing. Thus, managing HR away from office became something HR Softwares needed to fulfil in order to sustain themselves.

Businesses were becoming more nimble in their HR & work operations, further reinforcing the need for companies & organizations to adopt a secure, reliable HRMS software they can trust & use to manage HR efficiently & effectively for full 100% statutory compliance - via both webs & mobile apps, whether from home or the workplace.

As competition continues, the need for improving Cloud HR Software adaptability, modularity, compatibility, reliability & accessibility will increase. This led AGHRMS to further develop its’ software into an all-rounded HR system companies can tap on to facilitate higher growth for HR teams, which is achievable by diving deeper into building an intelligently customizable Cloud HR Software-as-a-service [saaS] in opening new doors for AGHRMS.

As HR requirements & technology continue to evolve, providers now need to convince target audiences of HR software adaptability, security, reliability & stability, in every way possible.


Mr. Nakanishi Yoshiki Strategist | Managing Director | AG Human Resource Management Systems

  • Director, Board Member & Advisor to AGHRMS
  • Over 18 years in Japanese ERP Systems, Cloud Payroll & HRMS
  • End-to-End HR Digitization & Automation Specialist

Nakanishi-san’s professional experience in programming & Business Intelligence gives him the strategic foresight & business acumen required for sustainable business growth. He specializes in HR Software programming, Cloud ERP software systems, factory automation & business development.

He believes that an ERP & HR system must offer as much convenience as possible to companies by fulfilling key functions such as HR, procurement, accounting, inventory management etc on a single secure & stable platform. In addition, such a system should be easy to set up, demonstrate ease of use & be able to integrate with existing company systems & major industrial software.

With such a system, organizations will be able to improve productivity & process efficiencies of overall administrative operations by up to 90% & strengthen support for new forms of corporate management in the post-COVID era.

Most recently, he is responsible for advocating the use of Cloud HRMS, ERP software & driving growth of AGHRMS in Singapore. In addition, he is in charge of new product development & outreach endeavours to the Japanese community in Singapore.

Nakanishi-san holds a secondary appointment as Managing Director with parent company of AGHRMS, JAST Techniques Pte Ltd, a well-known Japanese IT company which specializes in development of ERP Systems.




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