Attendance Clocking Software In Singapore Capture Attendance Across Multiple Locations

Accurately Track Employee Attendance, Punctuality & Understand Staff Movement At The Workplace / Remotely.

*Self Clock-In/Out Available Via Web-based & Mobile App


Ensure employees clock-in at the workplace or remotely within designated timings. Capture attendance, punctuality & identify who is away etc, for Staff Movement Tracing. Make sure employees are duly paid according to official hours etc.

Simply set up secure access, authentication, Punctuality Monitoring, Lateness Tolerance etc & you have a robust Attendance Management System that fulfills all these, & is synced to payroll & HR modules.

ADD. NOTE: Without proper attendance management, companies are prone to “Time Theft”, which refers to employees manipulating clock-in/out hours (e.g. on time sheets etc) & claiming pay for hours that they have not actually worked, or for work they have not done. Find out how our eAttendance helps you prevent Time Theft today!

Our E-Attendance Software is Compatible With Facial Recognition-Temperature Reader For Safe Work.

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24/7 Web/App Easy Access

Static IP Address

100% Uptime Reliability

Comes With Workplace SafeEntry

Maximum Secure Storage

Use A Safe, Reliable Real-Time Attendance HRMS Chosen By Popular brands. Discover Singapore's Leading HR Attendance Software Today.

Singapore Employee Attendance Software: Built With Latest SMART Geo-Capture. Excludes Early Clock-In / Out

Discover the latest Staff Attendance Management Software with Punctuality Monitoring capture

HR Attendance - Real-Time Staff Attendance Tracking-Monitoring

Real-Time Attendance Monitoring

HR Attendance - Auto-sync to payroll software & other HR modules

Auto-Synced To Payroll & Other HR Modules

HR Attendance - INtegrsates face-Temperature-Mask-On-Detection

*Integrates With Facial-Temperature Scanner

HR Attendance - Lateness Tolerance Capture

Lateness Tolerance Capture & Freq. Monitoring

HR Attendance - Restricted Access

Restrict Access & Deny Unauthorised Entry

HR Attendance - Attendance Policy Compliance

Attendance Policy Compliance With M.O.M Calendar

HR Attendance - Easy Manpower Rostering Shift Scheduling

Easy Manpower Rostering & Shift Scheduling

HR Attendance - Customizable Work Arrangements & OT Arrangements

Customizable Work Hours & Overtime Arrangements

HR Attendance - Geo Location Tracing

SMART Precision Geo-Location Tracing Accuracy

Working Remotely? AGHRMS Mobile Attendance HR Track Attendance Across Multiple Locations. Best For Retail, Food Services, Construction Etc.

How Our Mobile Attendance HR Helps Retail & Multi-Outlet Businesses. Discover Who Is Away So That You Can Make Necessary Cover Arrangements.

HR Attendance - Multiple Locations

Multi-Outlet Employee Attendance Clocking In Real-Time

HR Attendance - Local & Overseas Tracking

Dynamic Local & Overseas Tracking Supports Multiple Languages

HR Attendance - Manual Entry of Staff Temperature

Manual Entering of Employee Temperature Upon Self-Clock-In

HR Attendance - Manpower Deployment to Outlets

Ad-Hoc Manpower Borrowing & Transfer To Short-Handed Outlets

HR Attendance - Work-Shift

Flexible Staff Scheduling For Fixed, Support & Transfer Shifts

HR Attendance - Staff Selfie Clock-in-out

Staff 'Selfie' Clock-in / Out
Via Employee's Mobile Devices

Staff Dashboard

Real-Time Data Sync & Reporting To Backend Admin HR Staff

HR Attendance - Real Time Data Sync Reporting

All-In-a-Glance Total Hours Worked Including Overtime.

HR Attendance - Additional Configuration Settings Incentives Meal Allowances Staff

Add. Customization For Staff Incentives, Meal Allowances Etc.

Are You Still Using These To Capture Workplace Attendance?


Access / Punch Cards

Manual Clock-In / Out

No Attendance Clocking

If yes, it’s time for an upgrade. All the above require the use of physical touch, which doesn’t help to contain the spread of the virus. Contactless Facial-Recognition with Temperature Scanning is still the Safest way for your employees to clock attendance, for a safe conducive workplace.

Upgrade To HR e-Attendance Clock-In / Out Software Today. Chosen By Popular Brands For Over 14 Years (& Counting).

Get Actual Staff Attendance Information At Your Fingertips With A Trusted HR Software.

Each year, our eAttendance HR Module & Self-Service Clock-in/out helps hundreds of companies & organizations track staff attendance matters across single & multiple locations - in a neat, organized manner.

Managing attendance always begins with proper systems in place. So that you can easily have all information at your fingertips.

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