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Easy Cloud Payroll Software In Singapore: Expedite Payroll & File Taxes Directly For 100% Statutory Compliance

*Best for SMEs & Companies With Min. 10 Employees & Up

Singapore Cloud Full Payroll Software: We’re only too familiar with the hassle of manual compiling, checking & calculating salary, CPF, taxes, claims, hourly pay etc - a usual monthly affair for as long as you work in the company - & you’re already overloaded.

But what if there was a way to finish tedious payroll in as little as 30 minutes - hassle-free?

Starting Today: Simplify repetitive, tedious & complicated tasks, disburse salary & access information you need, at one glance. Get payroll done with accuracy & full 100% compliance Faster, Better & Happier.

No more unreliable HR systems or Manual Payroll (Googlesheets, MS Excel etc) - prone to File Security threats, errors & places confidential information at risk. Our Easy Payroll Software handles everything for you with Full 100% Compliance!

Because our Payroll Software supports Multi-country payroll in different currencies, payroll becomes easier esp. for SMEs / MNCs with foreign staff at multiple outlets.

You will never worry about errors, inaccuracies, re-doing etc again. Besides, you can file taxes easily & directly for company & employees [Auto-Inclusion Scheme].


Our Payroll Software integrates with Quickbooks, MYOB etc, is auto-linked to other HR Software Modules e.g. Claims, eAttendance etc, fits all companies sizes & is approved for government subsidy.

Payroll automatically becomes 100% compliant with us. Find out how you can adapt our Payroll software to your specific needs & achieve easier, faster payroll today!

Gain Complete Control Over Payroll With Cloud HR & Payroll HRMS Intelligently Customizable To Your Specific Needs.

Expedite Payroll & Tax-Filing Matters With Full-Fledged Easy Cloud Payroll Software Built For 100% Statutory Compliance

Instant Salary Computation & Disbursement With One-Time Easy Setup.

Download, View & Print Itemised, Fully 100% Compliant Payslips.  

Pay Levies & Statutory Obligations, Project Future Cost & Budget Estimates.

Accurate Salary Computation for Staggered Shifts, & OT Hours.

Auto-Linked To IRAS Portal For Direct One-Click Tax Filing & Submissions.

Real-Time Notifications On IRAS Forms, Tax-Filing & 100% Compliant Payslips.

Bank Files Generation To Pay Different Employment Types @ Specific Times.

Integrated To Other HR Modules For Updated, Accurate Task Completion. 

Allows Concurrent Login & Multi-User Access 24/7 Via Website / App.

Upgrade Payroll Today With Singapore’s Leading Cloud Payroll Software, Pre-Approved For Govt Subsidy.

All You Need: A One-Time “Set-&-Forget” of Your Company Taxes, Salary Policies & Configurations.

Ready For Easier Payroll & Tax Filing?
Contact Us Today.

If your payroll has been repetitively tedious, cumbersome & prone to errors - or manually (Googlesheets & Excel), you will absolutely want to find out more about how our Complete Cloud Payroll Software can simplify, automate payroll & facilitate direct tax-filing for accuracy once & for all. Need more information? Let’s talk.

*WAIT! Did you know that the IRAS Validation & Submission Application Will No Longer Be Unavailable?

All the more you are Strongly Encouraged To Adopt Statutory Compliant Payroll Software That Supports Direct AIS Submissions To IRAS.

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