Facial-Temperature Scanner In Singapore Towards A Safer Workplace For All

Ensure Safe Work In 0.2 Secs With Face-Temperature Scanner With Instant Mask-On & Abnormal Temperature Detection.

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Get Ready For Safe Work: Upon clock-in or entry, you want to ensure each person’s temperature is healthy.

Compared to use of Temperature guns & similar devices - all which require physical touch, our Facial-Temperature device tells you each person’s temperature in a safe, contactless manner.

Simply connect our device to your Door Access system. When people with unhealthy temperatures show up, our device detects this in 0.2secs & denies access.

Linked To e-Attendance Software

Our device is auto-synced with e-attendance & other HR Software Modules. With a one-time easy setup, you have a Secure Door Access system that tells you employee temperature & doubles up as a Visitor Management System.

All towards a safer workplace where employees can work in peace & remain productive. Discover the Safest Way To Authenticate Employees For Safe Work Today!


Bundle Our Facial-Temperature Device With Attendance Software Approved For Govt. Subsidy.

How Our Facial-Temperature Device Ensures Safe Work

Facial-Recognition Scanner - Easy Setup

One-Time Easy Installation & Device Setup

Facial-Recognition Scanner - Mask Detection

Instant Mask-On Detection In < 0.2 Secs

Facial-Recognition Scanner - Visitor Management System

Functions As Visitor Management System

Facial-Recognition Scanner - Scan Health Accurately

Accurately Detects Staff Health For Safety

Facial-Recognition Scanner - Access Denied

Deny Access Upon Hi-Temperature Detect

Facial-Recognition Scanner - Linkedin To

Synced To Other HR Modules: Payroll etc.

Facial-Recognition Scanner - Easy Mount

Mounts Easily On Many Surfaces.

Facial-Recognition Scanner - Seamless Integration

Seamless Multi-location Integration

Facial-Recognition Scanner - Data Capture Transfer

Instantaneous Data Capture & Transfer

BEST FOR: Companies Running Multiple Outlets & Work Locations: Retail, F&B, Construction etc.

Especially if your business spans multiple outlets & work sites, you will agree that Facial-Temperature Scanning is the safest way to reduce spread of viruses & illnesses.

Upon successful clock-in / entry, employee temperature & clock-in/out information, is sent back securely in Real-Time via Cloud Server to HQ Admin HR, home or remotely.

Discover The Safest Way To Authenticate Staff For Safe Work Today.

For each employee that arrives, ensure he/she is safe & healthy for work - in a safe & contactless manner. Monitor each employee’s temperature across multiple work locations with our Facial-Recognition with Temperature-Scanner.

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