Why Cloud HR Is Your New Best HR Colleague

Experience The Beauty Of Cloud. Even Better Than On-site Software.” 

It’s only natural: Whenever an employee needs to check on essential HR matters like leave status or get a duplicate of his payslip, he / she needs to go through the HR department – who may or may not be ready to react on schedule.

When it comes to companies with over 50 employees, such matters can take up valuable time & contribute to the bottleneck for busy HR employees.

Today, HR employees need to explore new, improved ways to facilitate HR matters & adopt new technologies in the course of fulfilling their obligations, & achieving 100% full compliance with MOM, CPF & IRAS regulations.

For companies & organizations using On-site HR software, it is the vendors who usually help to troubleshoot software problems, “refresh” frameworks & update the software. This means expensive company costs from the need to periodically re-evaluate company requirements, in-house technical support / IT staff & alternative systems.

The answer? Take HR to the Cloud!

So What Exactly Is ‘The Cloud’?

A study by Enrolling Patterns, a US-based Employment Research Company, revealed organizations will spend more than US$180 billion in Cloud-based HR administrations, including cloud-based HR arrangements. 

‘The Cloud’ refers to a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, process & manage data instead of performing these processes on a local computer or server.

Cloud-based HR allow end-users to process HR functions wherever & whenever they are, thus removing HR limitations, delivering outcomes faster & with greater efficiency.

Why Businesses, Companies & Organizations Are Transitioning To The Cloud

  • Better, Fully-Automated HR: Cloud HR enables Self-Service HR where employees can file leave, check leave balance, retrieve itemised payslip etc from their laptop / mobile device. With Cloud HR, companies are no longer bogged down by tedious tasks & can focus on welfare, hiring talents, increase engagement etc.
  • Streamlined Processes @ Reduced Costs: Most Cloud HR software is offered on a subscription basis. At what stage is your business at? Are you scaling up? Or do you need to improve performance management? You can easily subscribe to a Cloud HR & Payroll software that meets your business & HR needs. 
  • Zero Maintenance Costs: Cloud HR are hosted by the HR software vendors themselves, so all updates & upgrades are automatic & in-sync. You don’t need to engage other IT professionals to help you out with your HR software – the vendor will take care of all these, while you fulfil your HR obligations.
  • Auto-Sync Updates To HR Statutory Requirements: Cloud HR helps HR Professionals & Business Owners achieve direct, FULL compliance with ever-changing policies [MOM, CPF, IRAS]. Because of this, companies are better able to embrace such changes without affecting productivity.

AGHRMS: Singapore Cloud HR Software Company

Trusted by popular brands familiar to you e.g. KFC, 4FINGERS, Pizzahut etc, AGHRMS is a Full Cloud HR Software

that eliminates tedious, multi-step manual processes (esp. Payroll etc) for businesses, companies & organizations.

With AGHRMS, expect to streamline & simplify your HR processes including:

  • Enabling for Employee self service (eLeave, eClaims, ePayslips)
  • Attendance & Time Management System (Wall Mount & Mobile e-Attendance)
  • Full 100% Compliance with Payroll from Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia etc.

There’s more:

  • Simple, easy payroll processing
  • Easy-to-use interface with multiple banks for hassle-free salary disbursement
  • CPF & IRAS interface for Direct Tax filing & Full 100% Compliance
  • Generating Reports On-Demand for Salary Variance

After all, who wants to get impeded with manual HR when you can zero in on generating income for your business?

Moving ahead, you might be thinking:

Is Cloud HR Software Secure & Stable?

Absolutely! AGHRMS was created with Maximum data protection & security in mind, hence not only does it serve your HR needs efficiently, but also in a stable & secure manner.

100% Secure Hosting

For 100% secure hosting, AGRHMS leverages Amazon Web Services, a global leader in Cloud Systems with broad & deep core Cloud infrastructure & secure frameworks.

Solid Backup 

AGHRM conducts daily backups with multiple-sites cloning, assuring you the integrity of your data.

Active Monitoring 

Our Support Team can monitor batch jobs & service availability to ensure your business processes has no downtime.

Experience How AGHRMS Streamlines Your HR Today

With a myriad of benefits that AGHRMS offers, there is no better time than now to transition to Cloud HR.

You can leverage on PSG grants, SFEC & Digital Resilience Bonuses to offset costs of adopting AGHRMS – for the 1st year, & enjoy a further discount in the 2nd year, 3rd Year & so & etc.

So let AGHRMS handle your HR functions today, while you can focus on growing your business!

For more information on HRMS Software, schedule a Free, quick non-obligatory demo by clicking here, or simply reach out to us (65) 68448712 or email to sales@aghrm.com

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